Friday, 29 January 2016

Reuben Ng (17) Earliest memories

                 One of my earliest memories was when I was under a table and then my grandmother with black, curly hair, looking like she was in the mid 50's asked me to get away from the table because it was dangerous and I remembered that she said that to me in Chinese.

                 I used to play in my living room.My bright red sofa smelt like leather and there was also this brown wooden cabinet which felt very rough and whenever I slide the door to close, there would always be this irritating sound and sometimes when I  touch the marble floor, it will feel rough and sometimes slippery.I would normally play with my Thomas the train set and the tracks I built were usually curved and rarely straight.The tracks were also hard and rough.

                 I used to live in a HDB flat and stay at about six storeys high.I remembered that there was a fish tank above a wooden cabinet.I would always look at the fish in the fish tank.I remembered that the fish tank was smooth and it was placed quite high so I could not reach it and sometimes but very rarely I will hear the sound of bubbles popping in the fish tank.There was also a purple painting in the bedroom and I did not understand what the painting was about and after looking at it for quite sometime, I will feel giddy.

                                                These are my earliest memories.

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