Thursday, 28 January 2016

Creative Writing Tasks 1 and 2 by Elrond

Elrond Hu Kangsheng(11)

      One person from my earliest memories would be my father. He would always leave the house for work every day before I woke up and he would always return before 6pm. I would always draw pictures of him, detailing his black hair which he gelled up neatly and his brown spectacles and black leather shoes.
     One of my earliest memories from my childhood of a place I used to play is the playground next to my Kindergarten, I remember the carefree days when there was no homework and every day after school, I would go there to play in the multi-coloured playground. It could turn into anything. From a battle ground to a ship. The assortment of play equipment equalled to countless hours I played there every day, fancying myself as anything from a pilot to pirate. Those were the days.
     Everyday when I returned home, I would always be greeted by the long blue curtains my dad had put up at the front door, I would always call out for my aunt instead of pressing the doorbell and she would always open the door without fail. Entering the house, I would be greeted by the smell of the Maid's cooking. I would always hang up my belt on the doorknob to the Master Bedroom before taking a quick shower and eating a late lunch. My work desk was a wooden table which I did not fancy and instead I would lay on the sofa and do my homework. And if I had the time, I would usually watch television or jump on the trampoline.

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