Friday, 29 January 2016

Clarence: My Earliest Memories

      This is my earliest memory.
      When I first saw my grandmother, her hair had a natural curl, and she always wore loose clothing. She liked to carry me, and always smiled when she saw me eating. My grandmother also liked to push me around in my "pram" whenever she went out.
      A place where I used to play was the playground in my condominium. I still walk past there now and then, and it has changed since I was five.
      I loved the long blue slide facing the houses. It smelt fresh and new though it was used a lot. I also loved the see-saw, where my older sister and I would bounce endlessly. The seats were warm, both from heat from the sun and other people. But most of all, I loved the swing. Its bolts were a little rusty, but the seat was very comfortable. The swing always made a high-pitched squeak every time it went up.
      The house that I live in and the house that I lived in are the same, yet different. Now, almost all the furniture in my home has replaced the furniture I remembered when I was younger.
      My old double-decker bed (I shared it with my brother) smelt of fresh wood. It was very smooth and cozy, but over the years, the wood turned bad. My piano has never been changed, but the sound it made then was clearer, less out-of-tune.
      These are my earliest memories.

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