Sunday, 31 January 2016

Creative Writing Task 1 Done By Ramirez Emmanuel Jude Zafra

One of my earliest memories is about my mother.She would always wake up early in the morning with her panda-eyes,curly hair,chubby face and a pair of brown spectacles,to drink coffee to kick start her day.She would always make the same food for the family,fresh eggs from the chicken coop and ham.The aroma of the food makes everyone practically “teleport” to the dining room.

One of the earliest places I used to play was the empty road in between me and my neighbour.Tiny pebbles would poke our feet as we ran across the road with the smell of gases released from the exhaust pipes of vehicles passing by.Sounds of horns would fill the air with the bright rays of the sun shining down on me.

My house was a landed house bought by my grandparents in the Philippines.The sun would shine on the tin roof making the air very warm.My grandparents would sit in front of the large box-shaped television it’s silvery metal frame,giving out static electricity every once in a while.The sounds of horns pollute the air,making it a hard place to be in if you are ever looking for a rest.These are my earliest memories.

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