Thursday, 28 January 2016

Task 1 creative writing(Peng Kiang)

                                                  One of my earliest memories...   (Peng Kiang S1-01)
     One of my earliest memories was my grandmother and the things she has done for me.I remembered that she had dyed her hair brown, and usually cooks my favourite food.She is jovial and usually let me have things my way.She usually stood tall like a titan and i wondered if her lips had forgotten how to frown.When I wanted to carry my own bag,her warm smile spread across her face and her guardian like arms took them away from me.She would also do simple things sometimes like poring water without hesitation.

     When I was small,I used to play at the badminton court near the void deck.Once i remembered that my father bought me a slim solar powered car.It displayed its majestic wheels under the scorching sun.The court was surrounded by grass with a wooden bench which paint was fading away.It would always feel cool when the touch of wind caressed my cheeks.The car could not be steered so we turned the wheel so that it would aimlessly spin around in circles.When I was small,I was shy to go to my friends house as i was scared that their parents might scold me.So i played with big Lego bricks.Their clinking sound when joined together was unforgettable.

     In my house,there was a cranky plastic door that prevented me from entering the kitchen when someone was cooking. Curiosity nearly made me want to climb over it once.I also remembered my old neighbour's dog and its stench-filled breath with dark lips.It would bark at anyone (even me)when I came back home.

     How i wish I could go back in time to continue my mundane life.

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