Thursday, 28 January 2016

Creative Writing Task 1 by Wei Hsuen

        One of my earliest memories, also the ones I will remember and never forget. I still remember how my parents will always leave me at my grandmother’s house, passing me to my grandmother’s hands before rushing to work. I still remember how warm I felt in her hands as she lightly pat my back as I doze off on a pull out mattress under a bed. The mattress, blue in coloured with little yellow stars on it. My grandmother’s head filled with white but silky short hair running down to her shoulders. She would sing to me a lullaby, with her gentle and soothing voice, how sweet they just sound, and how I would fall asleep listening to them. I love they way she walks around with cautious steps, I loved how she would bring me a bottle of milk with that wrinkly hand of hers.
        A place I used to play, the playground at Mayfair Park.The playground, consisting of slides, stairs, swing and even a small wooden bridge. The wooden bridge, made of long individual wooden planks tied together securely with a rope. I remember how I enjoy jumping up and down on it, fascinated at how it springs back up after.The slide, long and tall one with turns. It was spiral shape. After climbing a few steps, you will reach the top. I remember how my cousin and I would pour water on the slide to make it into a water slide but always fail. The swing. How I love to sit on it, swinging back and forth with my older cousin lightly pushing my back. I love the blue and black swing, how the swing connected to the top with a metal chain. How it lightly sways in the wind. These are a few places I use to play at.
         The place I used to stay, a semi-D, previously owned by my uncle who moved away. I loved the cold, marble floor. How cold it felt no matter how warm the weather was. I love the piano in the living room, how my cousin would lightly play it, making beautiful sounds. I remember the neighbor's dog, a golden retriever. How it will bark while wagging its tail when I come near it. How its eyes turn dark and sad when I shout at it, with it ears flopping down and tail between its legs.  How adorable it looks.
        These places, memories, are some of my earliest, few which I will never forget. These memories are precious.

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