Friday, 29 January 2016

My earliest memories Wong Hong Ngai (24)

My earliest memories

  One of my earliest memories was when I was around one to two years old. I was playing with my father. He was wearing a red T-shirt that he still wears and his face still looked the same as ever. His hairstyle also remained the same until now, his hair was parted in the middle and he stood towering over me.
  A place that I used to play was the playground near the flats I lived in when I stayed at Punggol. After nursery, I would go there in my yellow school uniform while my mother carried my bag. The playground was mainly green and there was also a plank in which we have to balance and walk across to the other side. I also remember the sounds of other children playing happily and the wind was cooling, with the wind blowing at my face.
  A place that I used to live was my father's semi-detached house in Malaysia. It was two levels high and there was a small balcony in the master's bedroom. Inside, the first thing you will see is an altar. There is also a long wooden staircase leading to the second floor. There is also a very high ceiling with a window at the very top. The ceiling was painted white and the floor was tiled white. These were my earliest memories.

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