Thursday, 28 January 2016

My earliest childhood memories(Eu Gene)

   My earliest memories    

        One of my earliest memories is walking to school with Grandfather.Every school day, he would come with an umbrella hung on his arm at a ninety-degree angle. When crossing the street, I would, I would hold his shaky fragile hand and the other up in the air. Some days, it would rain and we would huddle together under the small umbrella he had brought. He would wear his glasses low on his nose bridge when reading the newspaper on a bench.
       A place I used to play was an art studio. Every week, I would go there and when opening the doors, strong smell of acrylic paint would fill my nostrils. the walls were all painted on with random brush marks of different colour and thickness. The teacher would then bring my half-finished piece of canvas painting and a pallet that was clean. I would picture the finished piece in my head as I squeezed the tubes of paint out of the pallet before mixing them and carefully applying the colours.

      One of the places I used to live in was a 4 room apartment in shanghai. There were tiles there that I used to slide about in my socks, thinking it was like skating. I shared a bedroom with my older sister then, our two beds at each corner and a lamp at the center as a divider. There was also the study room where I would seek refuge whenever I was angry or frustrated. I hid behind the curtains and sat on a platform at the window.

     These are all of my deepest childhood memories.

Done by:Eu Gene

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