Friday, 29 January 2016

Creative Writing 1 by Moe Thaw Kaung

Name: Moe Thaw Kaung (16)
Class: S1-01
My earliest memories

One of my earliest memories was my grandmother. She picked up tea leaves from the market and would sit on her favourite wooden chair sipping on some hot tea. She could barely reach the floor with her feet while sitting and hair going down behind her shoulders. She would take her batik dress, try it on and admire her reflection. The tobbaco she chilled in the fridge was ready and she would wrap it in a leaf, chewing away happily and enjoying the sunset.

I was surrounded by kids my age, waiting impatiently for entry to the indoor playground. Tubes, big, round and filled with colour always made me more excited. My father would send me in and and go for a relaxing massage chair session nearby. Squeals of joy were bursting around me as kids were running about. Slides which were huge and high never fail to excite me. The pit of balls was large and circular attracting tons of kids hurling the coloured plastic balls at each other.

The staircase at my house was going straight up. No curves or cuts in the stairway. It was always surprisingly dark. On the 2nd floor was my house and I would always be greeted at thr doorstep by my two pet kittens. My bedroom was upstairs, a huge mattress for four to sleep in.

These are my earliest memories.

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