Thursday, 28 January 2016

Creative Writing Tasks 1 By Kevin

Task 1

         One of my earliest memories would be when my mother was bringing me to the waterpark. I was probably five at that time. She was wearing a blue dress, curling her hair that was reaching her shoulders. At the waterpark, I could still remember the sounds of the water, of children playing. There were pools everywhere, with slides and castles. One fear I had at that time was water. My mother brought me to the jacuzzi, where I slipped and fell into the water. Luckily,  she helped me up. That was indeed a petrifying experience.

          One of my earliest memories, of a place I used to play... I would persuade my parents or grandparents to go downstairs, to a nearby park. I was young then; I liked to climb the playground, imagining that it was a giant cliff, also hearing the sounds of the children playing and breathing in the scent of the grass. I would often pass the time limit set by my parents, thus asking them for more time limit set by my parents, thus asking for more time. Till my parents/grandparents tell me how almost every day they would anticipate bringing me down.

            My house, the good old house on top of a little hill. I could still vividly remember how I liked to go to the kitchen breathing in the delicate scent of a meal or just waiting for my parents to finish cooking. Another great place to be would be my parents' and my bedroom, how every night I would be scared to look at the dark toilet next to the bedroom, afraid that monsters will appear. 
             Those were the good old days......



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