Thursday, 28 January 2016

Creative Writing Task 1 by Elise

~My Earliest Memories~ By Elise

One Person From Earliest Memories:

             One person from one of my earliest memories was my mother, looking so flawless, her short hair fell around her neck, so straight. Wearing a black shirt and black leggings, she wore flat shoes. She would speak with a tone not as deep as a man's. She picked me up from Kindergarten that day. I felt the warm touch of her hand as I held it, and with slow steps, headed towards the bus stop that was surrounded by housing estates, and a carpark to its side.

A Place I Used To Play:

              I walked towards the playground built in my shopping centre. It wasn't the familiar place I used to play in. I remember the combined purple slide towards the air - conditioned area of the shopping centre, and me feeling the friction, the heat, breathing in the smell of the rubber floor, the plastic, and metal used to build the playground. I see people coming up the escalator as I slid down the slide, and reached the end. I sat on the edge of the slide, scrutinising the surroundings, remembering every inch of it. The stage near the carpark, the supermarket, and the restaurants so near me, the sounds of cars driving along the main road behind me, one floor below. The voices of kids playing and adults talking, I heard them all.

The Place I Lived In:

              Going back to my house every day, I entered the house, back then, my desk would smell of a mix of metal and plastic, the humming of the computer working as I switched it on. I sat down at my desk, feeling the rough touch of the desk, using my finger to tap it, I heard a tap resonating, and it was gone. I saw my parent's desk across the small room, a large monitor sitting on the desk, with bookstands filled with letters and papers.

Sometimes I wished I could go back to my old life, being so carefree and happy, without any of my troubles getting in the way.

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