Thursday, 30 June 2016

Ing Kai's Independent Learning Log 5

Name: Kai
Index Number: 9


What I did: I wanted to find out how fast-rising temps, lack of water, and inexperience in the desert caught hikers in Arizona off-guard.

What I learned: The little protection from the sun hikers had on brightly colored clothing, and there was a landing spot relatively close. “Doing aerial recon looking for hazards, I saw one of the two hikers was doing CPR on the other, who was lying on the trail,” Snyder says. The pair were at least two hours' hiking time from the trailhead, and the heat was reaching the apex of the day. “By the time we got there, he had expired,” Snyder says. “His friend did as much as he could, but he was past the point where he could resuscitate him in a wilderness setting.”

Summary:  Response time is very important in the desert. It really speaks to how quickly you can get into trouble when out in these environments.

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