Monday, 27 June 2016


Date:  10 June 2016, 11am - 11.30am
What I did: I watched X-Men Apocalypse recently and was interested in how they filmed one particular scene. This scene involves a man with the power to travel at very high speed saving everyone from an exploding mansion. I went to do a summary of the entire article. I also learnt a few new terms about filming.
What I learned: 

new terms:
green screen
digital doubles
piston setup
standout sequence


in the previous movie, Quicksilver only used his powers within the White House kitchen. in this movie, however, he used his powers throughout a whole mansion, so the filming crew had a lot more work to do. the crew used many special effects to film Evan Peters, including using multiple cameras to shoot many versions of Quicksilver running around then combining them all to make Evan Peters look like he is leaving behind a residual trail when he runs. They also blow wind on his face when he is running to enhance the effect of running very fast. the filming crew spent a lot of time and money filming this 3 minute long scene but it was worth it because it received the attention and praise of many viewers, fans and critics alike. personally, i also think this is the best scene in the whole movie.

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