Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Elise's Independent Learning Log (3)

Name: Elise Teo                    
Class: S1-01                            
Index Number: 06

Independent Learning Log (No.3)

Week: T_W3
Date:  15 June 2016
Time: 3.30pm - 4pm


What I did:

I decided to read up on some news on Science. I found this article on a long-lost extinct meteorite which was found, hence I decided to make a summary of the article and learn new words.

What I learned:

Words I learnt:
Hit-and-run: accidental or wilful damage done and escapes before being discovered, or damage caused in this way.
Elusive: difficult to find, catch

This meteorite is a new variety and it may be the first documented example of an ‘extinct’ meteorite. Fragments of this meteorite are rare. The forming of L chondrites, another meteorite fragment, may be from the cosmic collision with this probable rare meteorite, forming them 470 million years ago. However, scientists have said it is hard to prove.


This article is about a new variety of meteorite nicknamed Öst 65, that was found.

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