Wednesday, 8 June 2016

ZhengHang Independant learning log(four)

Name:Chian ZhengHang
Index Number:8

Date:9th June

What I did: I went to today as I wanted to know more about the stomach flu outbreak I heard about.

Words I do not know:
Rotavirus-Any of a group of RNA viruses, some of which cause acute enteritis in humans.
Stool-A piece of faeces

Summary: A “community outbreak” led to the spate of stomach flu cases in the Owen Road area last month, but investigations into the incident have still not been able to identify its source.The authorities had observed that on Wednesday that the number of cases seen by clinics in the area had “significantly declined” since the Pek Kio Market, and Food Centre was thoroughly cleaned and disinfected from May 25 to 26.They thus declared the outbreak of stomach flu to be over.The hawker centre was closed for two days because of the outbreak of stomach flu there.To, date 180 cases had been verified to be linked to the outbreak.And of 26 people, 23 people's stools were tested positive for rotavirus.seventeen patients were admitted to hospital for treatment, and all have been discharged.The investigation by MOH had shown that the outbreak of rotavirus occurred between May 15 and 28. However, they could not find any specific event or food premises or stall that could be the source of the outbreak as All the food, water and environmental samples collected had tested negative for rotavirus.Members of the public had earlier speculated that pigeons or rats could have contributed to the outbreak. Although pigeons and rats are unlikely to be the source of the transmission, they are nonetheless unwelcome pests.The NEA will continue to place Pek Kio Market and Food Centre under close surveillance. Its officers will also be conducting checks to ensure that the stallholders observe proper personal hygiene and food handling practices, and that the toilets in the centre are properly maintained and cleaned.
The NEA is also working closely with the Hawkers’ Association on the prompt collection and removal of soiled crockery from tables to prevent left food from attracting birds to the market.
NEA also urge Member of the public are also to take the necessary precautions, such as washing or sanitising their hands regularly, and using service utensils when sharing food.

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