Friday, 17 June 2016

Jeffrey's Independent Learning Log 3

Name: Jeffrey
Class: S1-01
Index Number: 12


Independent Learning Log 3

Week: 3
Date: 17/6/16

What I did:
I had nothing to do at home, already read, played games, done some homework and I was bored. Then I had a bright idea and decided to look up about boredom and found this article.

What I learned:
Boredom is a time when we can reflect on ourselves and the best way to not get bored is by thinking, daydreaming.

This article talks about boredom, why its not a problem to be solved, and most people's ways of overcoming boredom these days are an obvious answer everytime -- cell phones. Instead of spending so much time on our cell phones just to not get bored, we should instead think about other things, reflect on ourselves, and confessing to boredom is confessing to a character-flaw.

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