Friday, 10 June 2016

Matthew Liang's Independent learning log one

Learning Log one

Date: 11/6/16


What I did: I wanted to find some good articles that involves Science or Discovery, so I went to BBC and I saw this article which actually caught my attention.

What I learnt:

-There is possibly a way to stop harmful gases from reaching the atmosphere, which in turns do not worsen global warming.

-I learnt that this idea developed could revolutionise future power generation,which would benefit us greatly.


There is a idea of a man-made sponge,made out of metal organic frameworks, that can be used to combat global warming by cleaning up pollution and absorbing natural gases, water, carbon dioxide and hydrogen. It is believed that it could revolutionise the future of power generation and greenhouse gas clean-up. For example, small amounts of the material could be used to absorb the carbon dioxide produced by the burning of fossil fuels, which prevents it from entering the atmosphere and the carbon dioxide could perhaps be released from the sponge using sunlight.

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