Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Celine Chong's Independent Learning Log 4

Name: Celine Chong
Index number: 2
Week: 3
Date: 16/6/16


What I did: I read about a battle on ice, so I wanted to read up about it.

What I learnt: The battle took place on April 5, 1242. Alexander Nevsky defeated the Teutonic Knights. The Germans Knights managed to vanquish the Estonians and further the Holy Roman Empire's territory to Lake Peipus. On 5 April 1242, a small force of Crusaders lined up to fight the Russian army led by Alexander Nevsky. They were better trained and had better equipment than the Russians. The Russians however, managed to push the Germans into the centre of the lake, where they had a hand-to-hand combat. The Germans being surrounded, lost.

Summary: The article talks about the battle on the ice and the background of it.

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