Monday, 13 June 2016

Celine Chong's Independent Learning Log 1

Name: Celine Chong
Index Number: 2
Week: 3
Date: 13/6/16


What I did: I had heard about global dimming in the past, but I never knew exactly what it was. Therefore, I did some research.

What I learned: Global dimming is a phenomenon discovered in 1950. It takes place when particles like aerosol absorb solar energy and reflect off sunlight and solar radiation, which produces a cooling effect. Global dimming and global warming are the opposite phenomena. Global dimming is not exactly a bad thing, as without it, the average 
temperature would be so high it would be dangerous to humans and the environment.

Summary: Global dimming is happening all over the world now. It is the result of pollutants from burning fossil fuels absorbing solar energy and reflecting off solar radiation to produce a cooling effect. Although it has many disadvantages, it has helped to bring the average temperature down despite global warming.

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