Thursday, 16 June 2016

Jeffrey's Independent Learning Log 1

Name: Jeffrey Lim
Index Number: 12
Class: S1-01


Independent Learning Log 1

Week: 3
Date: 17/6/16

What I did:
As I like Science Fiction, especially Thor and his hammer, I decided to read up about how much Thor's hammer would actually weigh.

What I learned:
Hellacious -- very great, bad or overwhelming
Neutron star -- A type of compact star, the smallest and densest stars known to exist in the universe.

A neutron star is so dense that a sugar cube-sized piece of material of a neutron star would be equal to the entire mass of humanity, meaning that the mass of Thor's hammer would be insane. According the calculations, its mass is about 4.6 trillion metric tons, which is roughly about 97 million Titanics. Since its mass is so big, if Thor were to drop it, it would sink all the way through the Earth's crust and into its core. Moreover, its gravitational pull is so big that it would suck in anything that is in 30.48m and with enough force to tear a human being to pieces.

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