Monday, 13 June 2016

Nadia Rahman Learning Log 1

Name: Nadia Rahman                                  
Class: S1-01                          
Index Number: 04

Independent Learning Log 1

Week: 1
Date:  3rd June 2016
Time: 1:30pm - 2:30pm


What I did:

I was reading up on native and invading species when I came across this article about Nile Crocodiles which was written by James Bittel. I wanted to learn more about them as I had heard that they were invading Florida.

What I learned:

I had learnt that the issue was not too serious yet as the crocodiles were not fully grown or reproducing. There was a comparison between the Nile crocodile and the native American alligator and crocodile. However, it was quite obvious that the Nile crocodile was superior with its length of 4.2m and more aggressive behaviour. Furthermore, since 2000, the Nile had killed 268 people, compared to the 33 fatalities from the American.

It was also interesting to take note that the Nile crocodile has the strongest bite in the animal kingdom.


While the American crocodiles and alligators were vicious predators, the Nile crocodile was far more dangerous. Though it is unlikely that Floridians will encounter these creatures, it is still best to take action to ensure that there will not be an uncontrolled increase in their population.

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