Thursday, 9 June 2016

Abigail Tan's Independent Learning Log 1

Name: Abigail Tan
Index Number: 1
Week: 2
Date: 9/6/16


What I did:
I watched movies during the June holidays and I was interested to find out the process of making a movie.

What I learned:

The process requires a huge sum of money and time. Make a plan, develop it. You have to ask for advice to figure out your best money strategy. Try to get as much free props as you can to lighten the load of money going out. Break down the script to know the scenes and what characters and people you need on set. Then, hire people to act, write the script, make the set and costumes etc. Then you have to set up pages on social media to look for supporters to support the project. Make a trailer, post it on social media to grab attention and get more supporters. Start filming. Add in sound effects (could hire a computer expert) and background music. Release the project.

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