Monday, 20 June 2016

Hong Ngai's Independent Learning Log 1

Independent Learning Log

Name: Wong Hong Ngai (24)

Class: S1-01

June 20th 2016

12.00am - 12.30am


What I did:

I decided to go to BBC Future to look for interesting articles, and I came across an article about why is there so much air in a packet of chips and the environmental impact it causes. I also wanted to write a summary of the whole article.

What I learnt:

I discovered that the air inside the packaging of crisps was filled with nitrogen instead of atmospheric air as the oxygen in the atmospheric air would cause the crisps to go soft. I also learnt that the extra air in the packaging makes the bags less efficient to transport which in turn is not good for the environment as it creates a bigger carbon footprint.


An artist had enough of buying a packet of chips and opening it only to find out that it contained mostly air so he decided to conduct an experiment to determine which brand of chips’ packaging contained the most air. The nitrogen in the packaging was said to protect the chips from breakage and makes the chips tastier, but however, the experiment showed that the ones with the most air also have the most breakage. Extra air also makes the bags less efficient to transport, which in turn is not good for the environment.

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