Saturday, 25 June 2016

Hong Ngai's Independent Learning Log 5

Independent Learning Log

Name: Wong Hong Ngai (24)

Class: S1-01

June 25th 2016

8.15pm - 8.45pm


What I did:

While watching TV, I saw a news report about a serious flood, thus I decided to look it up. Then I came across this article.

What I learnt:

Panhandle: a narrow strip of territory projecting from the main territory of one state into another.
Derecho: a widespread, long-lived, straight-line windstorm that is associated with a land-based, fast-moving group of severe thunderstorms


Floods in West Virginia that was caused by a ‘derecho’ weather system that spun off at least eight confirmed tornadoes in Ohio and northern Illinois on Wednesday evening and Thursday morning had killed at least 23 people, stranded hundreds and left tens of thousands without power overnight. 200 National Guard members have been deployed in eight counties with about 300 more authorized to help with ongoing relief. A lot of damage was caused and a burning house was also pushed down a creek. Water levels reached historic levels and it was the first time that residents have witnessed such flooding.

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