Friday, 3 June 2016

Independent reading log two(ZhengHang)

Name:Chian ZhengHang
Index Number:8

Date:4th June

What I did: I saw in the news on the TV that there was Paris flood, so I decided to read up on it on BBC News.I wanted to do a summary of what happened.

words I do not know:
Swelling-a natural rounded protuberance.
Curator-a keeper or custodian of a museum or other collection

The Louvre and Orsay museums at Paris were shut as staff had to moved artworks to safety as flood levels climbed above 6m.The Seine was expected to reach as high as 6.5m and unlikely to recede over the weekend, with more downpours forecast.15 people had died across Central Europe because of heavy rainfall.Ten of thousands of people were affected as they're forced from their home.The flood had caused France insurance company more than 600 million euros (£470m), according to the industry association AFA.In Paris, the Cluny - La Sorbonne and St Michel metro stations were closed as a precaution while the river spilt onto the city's streets.Frances’ Bridges were closed, and non-emergency boats were banned from the Seine as its swelling forced the closure of museums, parks and cemeteries.Authorities have also transferred the presidency and key ministries to secure areas.While France's rainfall levels in May were the highest since 1873, the current crisis is eclipsed by the 1910 floods that saw Paris submerged for two months, when the Zouave was up to his neck in the Seine.The river level peaked at 8.62m that year and had since reached 7.1m in 1955 and 6.18m in 1982.

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