Monday, 13 June 2016

Abigail Tan's Independent Learning Log 5

Name: Abigail Tan
Index Number: 1
Week: 2
Date: 14/6/16


What I did:
I saw that Google was celebrating the 148th birthday of Karl Landsteiner

What I learned:
Karl Landsteiner was the discoverer of the blood types by finding out the blood of two people under contact agglutinates, and in 1901 he found that this effect was due to the contact of blood and blood serum. Thus, he identified the three blood groups A, B and O, which he labelled C, of human blood. He also found out that blood transfusion between people of the same blood group did not cause the destruction of blood cells, but it occurred between people of different blood groups. Based on his discovery, in 1907 the first successful blood transfusion was performed by Reuben Ottenberg at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York.

Words I didn’t know:

Agglutinates: Clump together

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