Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Elise's Independent Learning Log (1)

Name: Elise Teo                    
Class: S1-01                            
Index Number: 06

Independent Learning Log (No.1)

Week: T_W1
Date:  3 June 2016
Time: 2pm - 2:30pm


What I did:

I decided to read up on some news on Technology, one topic I am interested in. I went to Straits Times and read up on an article about the Government cutting off internet access to Public Servants. I wish to read through this article and gain more knowledge of current affairs, hence I did a summary of the article and learn some new words.

What I learned:

What I learnt from the article:

Government computers can be infiltrated easily and measures are made to prevent that from happening.

Singapore is vulnerable due to being the third most popular destination of spear-phishing.

Internet-surf separation would prevent attackers to plant malware.

Words I learnt:

Spear-phishing: messages that appear to come from a trusted source to dupe victims into downloading an infected attachment or click on a fake link.

Exfiltrate: to extract information

This article talks about Singapore’s response to infiltration of Government computers by removing public servants’ computers’ access to the internet.

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