Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Celine Chong's Independent Learning Log 2

Name: Celine Chong
Index Number: 2
Week: 3
Date: 15/6/16


What I did: I wanted to find out more about Norse Mythology and I stumbled upon a dragon from the Norse Mythology.

What I learnt: The dragon's name is Níõhöggr or Nidhogg. He is a powerful dragon that lived in the tree Yggdrasil and eats the tree's roots. This is very injurious for the tree.Nidhogg’s actions have the intention of pulling the cosmos back to chaos. Nidhogg is also said to preside over a part of the underworld called Náströnd where murderers were punished.

Words that I do not know:
Preside - be in the position of authority in a meeting or gathering.
Injurious - causing or likely to cause damage or harm.

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