Saturday, 25 June 2016

Peng Kiang's independant learning log

What I did:
I decided to read up on fire accidents and its sources it is caused by,and how to prevent it. So, I went to straits time since it is a famous newspaper company.I browsed through the headlines after searching fire, and the latest news intrigued me.
What i learned:

Words I now understand
superficial - appearing to be true or real until examined more closely
spokesman - a person who makes statements on behalf of a group or an individual

Do not leave naked flames such as lit scented candles and tea lights unattended;

- Lit candles should also be kept away from paper, curtains and furnishings. They should be placed in stable holders on a heat-resistant surface.
Our actions can cause a chain reaction, and this is an example, leading to injuries that could have been avoided and property damage. We are also lucky to have our Singapore civil defense force on standby and 

citizens that can react quick or the situation could have been worse.

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