Monday, 27 June 2016

Jonathan's Independent Learning Log 5

12 pm - 12.30 pm


What I did:
I read up on Global Warming as I remembered that Earth’s climate was getting worse and decided to do a short summary.

Climate change has caused floods, droughts and heatwaves, and it is equally hard to believe that changing weather patterns are impacting food supplies. Countries like Singapore, which produce only a fraction of their own food, may only be able to cope in the short term.
In the near future, supplies from Thailand could shrink and fish could swim away to cooler waters.
A recent study noted that variations in food production around the world due to different climate are likely to become more intense and frequent, and climate change has already hit some farmers. Vietnam is struggling from the worst drought to hit the country in nearly a century which is expected to hit rice harvests hard.
A senior researcher noted that as Singapore's food supply is from around the world, supply shortages due to climate change may not be as severe as for other countries that produce their own food.
In times of production failure, exporting countries will prioritise local markets and needs.
Importing countries such as Singapore can increase food security by investing in food stockpiling, processing and storage systems so that more food can be kept longer.
A spokesman said Singapore has measures to ensure a resilient supply of safe food, such as helping to raise the productivity of local farms and a diversification strategy to import food from various countries.

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