Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Sian Yin's Learning log 1

Tan Sian Yin
Index 05
Class S1-01

10am- 11.15am


What I did: 

I was reading the online newspapers when I found out about this case of murder. I wanted to learn about how it happened as I have seen a few cases that are similar to this case on the newspapers before. I also wanted to find out more about this case as my family members were talking about it.

What I learned: 
Words I do not understand:
  • Subdue:  overcome, quieten, or bring under control
  • Embassy: One country's main diplomatic office in another country


Businessman Ong Thiam Soon went looking for his wife in their semi-detached house in Telok Kurau when she did not come into their bedroom to watch television as usual on Tuesday night. That was when him and his wife were attacked by their maid in their house at Telok Kurau. His wife died later but he managed to survive and tell the story to the Straits Times. The police are investigating further into this murder case. Singaporeans live in a fast paced society. Helpers that come to our countries have a culture difference, hence they get stressed easily and may resort to doing something unfavourable. I think that before they come to our county we can tell them what life in our counrty is like so that when they arrive they will not feel so much stress. Also, we can provide more hotlines for foreigners so they can seek help when they need it.

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