Monday, 27 June 2016

Jonathan's Independent Learning Log 1

What I did:
I decided to read up on some recent news on the Music. I went to The Guardian and read up on this article about “reviving” vinyl records and wanted to do a short summary of the article.

What I learned:

When BBC Music went looking for a TV identification last year, they found that Vinyl made their music sound warmer. If any format is growing in the digital age, it’s the analogue record. It has been a loudly acclaimed revival, but separate charts for vinyl music will at least hint on what is available on vinyl discs. Until now, no one has had the facts to back up the rise in vinyl sales. These days records are more than mere product when music is free to listen to digitally, but a vinyl record has a physical feel to it.  Besides, it’s a more enveloping experience than hearing music on a mobile device.The increase in demand for vinyl has outgrown things like a limited edition discs to increase sales. Elsewhere, some stores have started selling record discs to the younger generation who probably had never seen a record player before.

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