Thursday, 16 June 2016

Sian Yin"s Learning Log 2

Name: Tan Sian Yin
Index number: 05

13 June 2016
3.55-4.55 PM
I wanted to focus on building up my basics for english, so I decided to go onto grammar 101 and do some exercises. Since I knew about this site called grammar 101, I decided to take an hour to do the tasks there.


What I did: I went to the site above and did some grammar practices.

I did quite a few of the tasks shown.

What I Learned: I brushed up on my grammar skills. In the past, I always used my gut feeling to decide whether it was correct or not. I always thought that it would be correct if it sounded right. However, I found out that even though it sounded right, It may not be correct. Some of the questions were quite easy while others were hard. I had to do each task a few times before I obtained a full score.

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