Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Sian Yin's indépendant log 4

Tan Sian Yin
Index 05
Class S1-01

10am- 11.15am

What I did: 

I went to read up some articles when I found an article about a superbug that resists all know medications. The case involved a 49-year-old woman in Pennsylvania whose urinary tract infection tested positive for a strain of E. coli that is resistant to the antibiotic of last resort for such infections, known as colistin.

What I learned: 
I learnt that there are many thing that happen around us but we do not know because we do not usually read up on articles and newspapers. We end up living like a frog in a well, only looking up at what we can see in front of us but oblivious to what is happening outside of places that we can see.


A superbug resistant to all known medications has been found in the United States for the first time, raising new concern about the dwindling effectiveness of antibiotics

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