Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Daniel Quay Independent learning log 2

Learning log 2
Name: Daniel
Class: S1-01
Index number:19

Date:12 June 2016


What I did: I wanted to find out about hacking as many people use the web, so I went to search about it on the straits times.

What I learnt: It is very easy to let a hacker hack a whole network.
There are many ways to defend your own devices from hackers like a firewall.
A firewall prevents unauthorised access to a network that may contain malware.
Another way is "sandboxing" which allows programmes from unknown websites restricted access on the computer but will the programme will be blocked if it is known to be hostile.
Another way is to use antibot technologies, which examines the actions of possible malware.

Summary: Hackers now have more ways than before to prevent malware from being detected, such as disguising their harmful programs as a friendly one, programming their malware to stop finding information when an antivirus programme is scanning the device.No approach is foolproof.We have to keep updating our anti-malware systems.

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