Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Moe Independent learning log 2

Name: Moe
Class: S1-01
Reg no.: 16

Source: http://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/smrt-cabby-returns-laptop-bag-containing-235500-in-cash-to-drunk-thai-passenger?link_time=1468222253

What I did: I read about the honest taxi driver.

What I learned:

Mr Khammat claimed he had been drinking with some of his business partners at Clarke Quay and was headed back to Marina Bay Sands, where had been staying.
But upon alighting from the taxi, he realised that he had left behind his laptop bag, which contained the cash. To his immense relief, Mr Khammat said he was greeted by the sight of a panting Mr Lee in the lift lobby at about 5am. Mr Lee shared that he had stopped at a petrol kiosk after dropping off Mr Khammat when he discovered the bag, and was shocked to discover the large amount of cash inside.While Mr Khammat said the cabby had not requested any reward, he decided to give Mr Lee $1,000 out of sheer appreciation for his unselfish act.Mr Khammat also learnt that Mr Lee was declared bankrupt in 2014 and had only just recently become a taxi driver.

Summary: Because of Mr Lee's honesty, everything was solved and everyone benifitted from it.

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