Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Daniel Quay Independent learning log 4

Learning log 4
Name: Daniel
Class: S1-01
Index number:19

Date:12 June 2016


What I did: The weather was feeling very warm, and I decided to find out about global warming.

What I learnt: Temperatures on Earth are rising.The global heat wave is strengthened by a usually strong El Niño phenomenon, which released hot water across the Pacific ocean and had been accused of droughts in Africa.

Summary: Global warming will not stop soon, and April 2016 was the hottest month globally. The global temperature of land and sea was 1.11 deg C warmer in April than the average temperature for the month during the 1951-1980 period based on the report.Carbon dioxide levels have reached 400 parts in a million at Cape Grim.171 nations have committed to try to keep global warming at 2 degrees Celsius.

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