Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Daniel Quay Independent learning log 5

Learning log 5
Name: Daniel
Class: S1-01
Index number:19

Date:12 June 2016


What I did: I was curious about finding out how long people lived and searched about it.

What I learnt: The global life expectancy has increased, but many are living being sick for a longer time.General health has improved worldwide, mostly due to progress against infectious diseases.Japan had the highest life expectancy at 73.4 years, and Lesotho had the lowest life expectancy at 42 years.

Summary: Some countries life expectancies declined, and some increased, but overall, the average life expectancy increased.The study found many stark differences between countries which have the highest and lowest life expectancies respectively.Singapore, Andorra, Iceland, Cyprus, Israel, France, Italy, South Korea and Canada are some countries, after Japan, where people can expect to live longer, healthier lives.

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