Sunday, 1 May 2016

Emmanuel Jude's Situational Writing 1 Draft 2

42 Marytin Road
Singapore 422142

May 1 2016

Dear Quintin

How is life?I heard that you and your family would be coming to Singapore!I would love to accompany you and bring you around Singapore!

In the morning, we could have breakfast at your hotel in Orchard Road.Is it convenient to meet you at 9 am?I know that you love culture and tradition.So, what other way to show you Singapore's culture other than Chinatown!There, we can visit the restored shophouses and colonial buildings.We could also take a ride on a trishaw to have the authentic feel of old Singapore.Next, we will go to the more modern areas of Chinatown.

Another cultural location we will be going to is Little India, which is one of Singapore's most colourful districts!We can walk around to learn more about Singapore's multi-racial diversity and culture.Then, we can go around and taste the wonderful spices, but last but definitely not least, we will have some delicious local curry fish head, before heading off to other locations.

Next, we will be visiting the more modern parts of Singapore.We will be going to take a ride in the Singapore Flyer!Did you know that the Singapore Flyer is the biggest observation wheel in the world?After that, we will be visiting the Merlion Park to see the amazing scenery and the beautiful Merlion statue!

Before you leave, I will be taking you to indulge in some of Singapore's must-have dishes such as the iconic chicken rice and chilli crab!

That is the best plan I could come up with so that you will enjoy your stay here in Singapore.I am definitely looking forward to your visit to Singapore!

Yours cousin
Emmanuel Jude


  1. goed ritieng skiels i thunk waht ewe neid es tooe rileax eand chiellacks

    1. Lucas please use proper English.Remember that this is homework and is graded