Sunday, 1 May 2016

Alex Pai's Letter 1 Draft 2

6 Sim Lim Park 
Singapore 234234
6 April 2016 
Dear Joshua, 
I am delighted to hear that you are coming to Singapore. I bet we are going to have a lot of fun together, visiting all the different places and sampling many of the local delights here in Singapore. I am so excited, and I am sure you are too!

I will be taking you to the cultural attractions first. The first cultural place of interest is in Chinatown. It is the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple. It contains many relics of all sort that supposedly was once the Buddha's, isn't that amazing how after all these years the relics are still there! We will still be touring the place, admiring all the relics. After that, we will be proceeding to our next cultural location of interest.

The next cultural place of interest is the shophouses in Little India. The shophouses are back to back as there is not much space there. Isn't it fascinating that so many shophouses can be just at one place? When we go there, there will be Indians selling gold bangles and spices. You might want to buy some of the spices to try cooking at home. After touring the place, we will be going to one of the restaurants in Little India to try out one of Little India's signature dish - fish head curry, a unique and simply irresistible dish.

After lunch, I will be taking you to one of the world's biggest observation wheel! It is proudly named the Singapore Flyer. We would be able to see all the iconic landmarks while we are on this gigantic wheel, like Marina Bay, Merlion Park, and Empress Palace. The view from the top of the wheel is breathtaking and amazing, especially at night as Singapore lights up. You must not miss this one in a lifetime experience.

After alighting from the wheel, we will be going to Marina Bay where Singapore 50th Anniversary celebration was held last year. After touring the many attractions in Marina Bay, we will be going to one of the restaurants at Clarke Quay to try out the local delights there. You might want to try the Singaporean's favourite chilli crab or the gobsmacking delicious oyster omelette or satay dipped in delicious peanut sauce.

I hope you come soon, a lot of exciting places and food awaits you. If you have any inquiries, please contact me.

Best wishes,


  1. Nice! I like the way you elaborate about the places

  2. It is very well elaborated and oragnaized